7LidiaStefanovaLydia Stefanova

Lydia Stefanova is from the town of Belovo near Pazardjik  and has  graduated from the music class at the "Georgi Bregov" High School in Pazardjik. She has a B.A. in Musical Pedagogy and a Master’s Degree in Conducting Folklore Ensembles Groups from The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv.

Q.: How long have you been involved with music?

A.: Since childhood. I was 5 years old when I started.


Q.: From which geographical area is the costume you wear on stage?

A.: My costume is from the Pazadjik region, from Ihtiman.

Q.: Your favorite folk song?

A.:-Lale li si, Zyumbul li si? ( Are you a Tulip, are you a Hyacynth).

Q.: Your favorite performer?

A.: Vanya Valkova.

Q.: Your favorite song from the repertoire of the Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria is?

A.: Zaburil Beh Da Se Jenya ( I’d forgotten about marriage)

Q.: What is the Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria Choir for you?

A.:-Above all it is a calling, but also a dream come true.

Q.: Your favorite Bulgarian proverb?

A.: Some good comes from any bad!

Q.: What is music to you? –

A.: To me music is life and a true friend for good humor.

Q.: What inspires you?

A.: When the people around me are smiling and positive!

Q.: What do you dream about?

A.: Of a better future.

Q.: What are the moments that take your breath away?

A.: Whenever I hear a beautiful song.

Q.: The best thing is......?

A.:-The best thing is to have the happiness of a good family and faithful friends.