10VictoriaTodorovaVictoria Todorova

Victoria Todorova is from Sofia. She studied folk singing in the Secondary School National Revival Leaders in Sofia and did her university training in Musical Pedagogy at the Neofit Rilski Southwestern University in Blagoevgrad. She also has a degree in International Economic Relations from the Higher International Business School in Botevgrad.

Q.: How long have you been involved with music?

A.: Since early childhood.

Q.: From which geographical area is the costume you wear on stage?


A.: It is a Shopi costume from the villages around Sofia.

Q.: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

A.: I like to listen to good quality music that makes me feel well.

Q.: Your favorite folk song?

A.:-Lale Li Si, Ziumbul Li Si (Are you a tulip or a hyacinth)!

Q.: Which is your favorite song from the repertoire of the Choir?

A.:Zaspalo e Chelebiiche (Sleeping is Chelebiiche)

Q.: What is the Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria Choir for you?

A.: The choir is a place where I feel well and smiling. Besides giving us a chance to do what we love, to sing, it is also an opportunity to share and experience things together. I am happy to be part of this choir.

Q.: Your favorite Bulgarian proverb?

A.: If only youth could know, if only age could do.

Q.: What is music to you?

A.: Life.

Q.: What inspires you?

A.:  Music.

Q.: What do you dream about?

A.: We hope that our dreams will come true, so I keep mine secret and to myself.

Q.: What are the moments that take your breath away?

A.: The moments of emotional surge, be it caused by happiness or grief.