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Ilina Ivanova from Yambol graduated in folk singing at the National School of Music in Shiroka Laka. She is currently studying Ecology and Environmental Protection at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

Q.: How long have you been involved with music?

A.: I sang my first song when I was 3 years old. I’ve been singing professionally since the 8th grade, when I was admitted to the National School of Music in Shiroka Laka.


Q.: From which geographical area is the costume you wear on stage?

A.: From Thrace.

Q.: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

A.: Bulgarian folk music (my favorite is choral), rock, punk, drumandbass, jazz, reggae and, really any music except Chalga.

Q.: Your favorite folk song?

A.:-It's not just one. With this diversity, how can one have just one favorite and each has its own charm!

Q.: Your favorite performer?

A.: Valkana Stoyanova, Stefka Sabotinova and many others. All have put their heart and soul in their music.

Q.: Which is your favorite song from the repertoire of the Choir?

A.: It’s Shareno Horo with arrangement by Gancho Gavazov.

Q.: What is the Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria Choir for you?

A.:-The choir is the place where I can do what I love best and do it with friends at that.

Q.: A favorite memory from the stage?

A.:- The emotion, when you feel the presence of the audience and merge with it. And an even more favorite moment is the one at the end of a concert, when the conductor looks at us approvingly and whispers "thank you”.

Q.: Your favorite Bulgarian proverb?

A.: Whatever you’ve dished out, that you will eat! Ha-Ha!

Q.: What is music to you? –

A.: It is life.

Q.: What inspires you?

A.: Music!

Q.: What are the moments that take your breath away?

A.: They are too personal to share, plus I haven’t seen anything yet.

Q.: The best thing is......?